As with most businesses, HSLC receives a steady stream of email and publications related to the business and family climate of this area we call home.  Just this week, the North Carolina Department of Commerce released employment statistics which the local Chambers of Commerce quickly reported as the jobless rate for the Triangle dropped to 4.8% – below both the state and national averages.  At the same time, reports show that the inventory of houses available for purchase remains low which is leading to a continuing recovery and escalation of the sale prices.  All of these economic indicators point to the Triangle region as an economically strong place to live.

On Facebook recently, a friend inquired about ideas for activities a father might do on a weekday with his three children since his wife, a teacher, still had to be in school.  It was fascinating to watch the comments and suggestions roll in.  The Triangle area is blessed with numerous and diverse parks, museums, volunteer opportunities, and assorted adventures indoors and outside.

For all the negatives frequently portrayed in our current political environment, it is important to remember that the sky is not falling.  We live and work in a vibrant region and the lawyers at HSLC enjoy working with businesses and individuals across the state of North Carolina who recognize the continued potential for this state to be a leader and a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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