If you have thought, are thinking or need encouragement to think about moving any time soon, the state of the housing market in the Triangle region should give some thought to now being the time.  It is certainly a “seller’s” market.

The same statistics that might encourage some to put their house on the market, should be encouraging to those in the construction industry.  The inventory of available homes on the market is extraordinarily low.  If you are curious about these statistics, go to the Triangle MLS website at: https://www.trianglemls.com/market-trends.cfm/trend/7 and review the numbers.

Keep in mind however that the numbers contained in those statistics do harbor some cause for concern.  As prices continue to escalate and demand for housing results in more new housing starts, commodity and labor costs are increasing.  Therefore, the ability of, and the incentive for, builders to build affordable “starter” or “first-time owners” homes becomes a challenge.  According to reports, the need for this level of housing is on the increase, but the laws of supply and demand are operating to make the cost prohibitive.  A conundrum to be certain.


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