Professionalism: Does it matter?


Whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, or in any position with a business, you may find yourself asking what has become of professionalism.  “Professionalism” is a term we hear in the world of sports as players talk about how other players conduct themselves on and off the playing surface.  What is “professionalism?”

To most, professionalism involves treating the person on the other end of the phone or other side of the table with dignity and respect.  It is listening to another’s view and politely responding even when you vehemently disagree with the other’s position.  Professionals understand that each transaction is not a discrete event, but rather a building block in a career.  The old saying that a reputation takes years to develop but can be lost in an instant should be taken to heart.

Most successful professionals enjoy a good working relationship with friends and competitors alike, but more importantly are respected by most (rarely “all” as absolutes are rare in life).  To successfully represent your clients, your employer or your “brand,” consider the image you present to the world.  Are you a professional?


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